10 Most Extremely Modified Persons

1. Stalking Cat

Dennis Avner (born in Flint, Michigan August 27, 1958) of Tonopah, Nevada, United States, is widely known as the “Catman”, though he prefers his Native American name, Stalking Cat. Stalking Cat has spent considerable resources to surgically modify his body to resemble that of a tiger.

10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

2. Lucky Diamond Rich (born 1971, New Zealand) is “the world’s most tattooed person” (a title formerly held by Tom Leppard), and has tattoos covering his entire body, including the inside of his foreskin, mouth and ears. He holds the Guinness world record as of 2006, being 100 percent tattooed.

He is also a performance artist and street performer whose act includes sword-swallowing, unicycling and juggling.

10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

3. The Lizardman

Erik Sprague (born June 12, 1972, Fort Campbell, KY  better known as The Lizardman, is a freak show and sideshow performer, best known for his body modification, including his sharpened teeth, full-body tattoo of green scales, bifurcated tongue, and recently, green-inked lips. He has stated an ambition to get a tail transplant.

The Lizardman 10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

4. Pauly Unstoppable, the first person to get the white of their eye tattooed

Body modification (or body alteration) is the deliberate altering of the human body for non-medical reasons, such as sexual enhancement, a rite of passage, aesthetic reasons, denoting affiliation, trust and loyalty, religious reasons, shock value, and self-expression. It can range from the socially acceptable decoration (e.g., pierced ears in many societies) to the religiously mandated (e.g., circumcision in a number of cultures), and everywhere in between. Body art is the modification of any part of the human body for artistic or aesthetic reasons.

Pauly Unstoppable

5. Kala Kaiwi – Hawaiian Mutant

Kala Kawai has 67 piercings and 75 % of his body is tattooed so it’s a good job he chose a career in body modification, running his own studio in hawaii. He has stretched the holes in his earlobes to 4 inches, inserted various silicon implants on his head, can screw metal spikes into the top of his skull, has a split tongue and generally looks extremely frightening. Also worth bearing in mind is that he split his own tongue using dental floss and did all his own piercings.

Kala Kaiwi - 10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

6. Elaine Davidson is the “Most Pierced Woman” according to the Guinness World Records.

When examined by a Guinness World Record official in May 2000, Davidson had 462 piercings, with 192 in her face alone. By August 9, 2001 when she was re-examined she was found to have 720 piercings. Performing at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005, the Guardian reported that she now had 3,950 body piercings. She has more piercings in her genitalia than in any other part of the body – 500 in all, externally and internally. The total weight of her jewelry is estimated to be about 3 kilograms. As of May 2008, Davidson’s piercings total 5,920. As of Feb. 2009 her piercings total 6,005.

She was born in Brazil and is a nurse. She claims she does not drink or use drugs. She now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.

10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

7. Julia Gnuse, commonly known by the nickname The Illustrated Lady, holds the Guinness Record for being the most tattooed woman in the world, having coverage of 95% of her body (including her face). Gnuse was born with porphyria, a condition in which sunlight results in blistering of the skin. As the blisters often result in scarring, she began getting tattoos as a way to cover up the scars. However, the tattoos do not prevent the skin from blistering as they are purely. She currently resides in Foothill Ranch, California.

10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

8. Rick Genest – the scariest human head

Rick - 10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tatoo - Piercing)

9.  Etienne Dumont

10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tattoo - Piercing)

10. Tom Leppard – Leopard Man

Tom Leppard (born Woodbridge, Suffolk, more widely known as Leopard Man or the Leopard Man of Skye, was formerly considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the world’s most tattooed man. Leppard, now 73 years old fled society years ago after spending £5,500 to have his body covered in leopard-like spots. He lived in a small cabin on the, Scotland. Once every week, the ex-soldier travelled by canoe to buy supplies and pick up his pension.

Leopard Man - 10 Most Extremely Modified Persons (Tattoo - Piercing)

source: wikipedia.org

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I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!

Great site. Keep doing.

Great. Now i can say thank you!

Ah!!! at last I found what I was looking for. Sometimes it takes so much effort to find even tiny useful piece of information.
Nice post. Thanks


Ah!!! at last I found what I was looking for. Somtimes it takes so much effort to find even tiny useful piece of information.
Nice post. Thanks

wow!this is really gross! enjoy! if you ever think of doing this, you’re out!


damn the people done lost they mind if i was they mama i would find umm and beat sume rear end and i dnt give dang how old they is they done lost they mind

Really, these people are doing things that they either feel are important or that they need to do. It does not matter whether it fits into the “norm”. Give them the credit due to them. If you think they are freaks, maybe you should just look at your own beliefs though someone else’s eyes. You may be just as much of a freak as you think they are.

Great collection of information. Keep it going.

i love the cat man, this is a really art body and i never say something bad about piercing body because i have many piercing to… and i don’t care what people say! (i’m a gothic girl)

ooh you horny tiger!!!

this people are great!! they are art!!!!!!! thx for the blog and the info. =D

fuckin freaks…what the F…

you know youll regret it.. your gonna be like that for the rest of your life………. and horns in your head…… please
I can just picture you when your old but you are already old buggers jokes!!! all tattood fat thats saggy and wobbles around……… youll regret it

cu lata

errrrr that is disgusting i would of killed my self if i look like that no affence

This is horrible and so disgusting

What the hell is wrong with these motherfuckers….when they ass turn old and gray they gonna look like a box of melted color crayons.

people dont understand to leave the others who feel like getting there whole body tatted. shit worry about your self. i myself dont think this people are freaks what so ever! just accept them for what they are. people who think this people are freaks and disgusting well your just an ignorant person.
BTW great job guys with this website. keep it coming :)

Hi Im Satan and some of you people need spelling checks. Be American retards you dont say they done you say they are!!
But thats besides the point I want to jam a pencil up the guys nose Gauges, and me and Mr. Jungle fever should do it like they do on the discovery channel.
And now for God!!

I have tats, but some of these on this site are extreme. I can appreciate the people who don the tats and how they think this is cool. With that said, and for people who dont have any tats, tats can be addicting. If a person is lacking love, family (who knows the list can be endless) or what ever else in their life, I can easily see how people can modify their body in such ways where where they can find something that makes THEM feel good (weather its accepted or not by most people). So if this is what THEY find to be good in life or what makes THEM feel good, by all means go for it. Heck they can be criminals killing people… or they can be doing what they do best, tattooing others or modifying their own bodies hurting no one! If it hurts to look… QUIT LOOKING!!
GREAT SITE! Tattooed people are real people with a story behind every tattoo.. so open your mind and listen, quit being a prude judging everyone!

why would somebody wanna do that ?
sorry buut thats a lil “overboard”

dats great i wish i had a chance to b done on me,

Of course it’s overboard and extreme but with 7 BILLION people there are gonna be the boring normal ones and the interesting freaks. If they weren’t interesting, none of you complainers and fingerpointers would have taken time to look at this page. Just admit that you want to be boring and stop complaining about people being different- the differences are what is so fun.
THANK YOU freaks and punks and goths and protesters for bringing a little life to this pathetic hateful planet. You make me smile.

Like anyone is gonna get marry any of those people….